• One Point source for complete Cogeneration package.
  • Multiple turbine options suited to plant configuration.
  • Wide experience of system integration.
  • Wide experience of system integration.
  • Steam Pipe Line design assistance.
  • Electrification and Grid synchronisation assistance.
  • One Point for Boiler and Turbine Service.


The paper industry and its allied corrugated packaging plants use rolls that are internally heated with steam. Maintaining a uniform temperature across the surface of the roll is essential for making quality product. Paper industries are among the largest consumers of steam and electricity.

Our Pressure Reducing Turbines, Synchronised Back Pressure Turbines and Controlled extraction Reaction turbines help maintain the exact steam pressure required by the Process. We have a present install used base of over 400 turbines in the Pulp and Paper industry, and are having the largest installed user base, by numbers.


Steam is commonly used in the chemical process industries ( CPI ) for process heating, power generation, atomization, cleaning and sterilization, moisturization and humidification, among other applications.

Our Back Pressure turbines have gained widespread acceptance for these applications. In addition, we have installed waste heat recovery based condensing turbines for Exothermic processes such as Sulphuric acid hydration plants


The pharmaceutical industry uses steam for sterilizing tanks, filters and piping systems, as well as products in for air-moistening in cleanroom systems. Considering its high specific heat, it is also used in heat exchangers, both for providing and absorbing heat.

It is present in a vast amount of products as a raw material, and is often the main component. Our back pressure turbines are widely used by Bulk drug manufacturers to produce Active Pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).


Edible Oil solvent extraction plants and refineries for the distillation process. These plants have a continuous process requirement of steam and electricity, making them well suited for co-generation applications. IB Turbo has installed over 60 turbines for Rice bran, mustard, soya bean and sunflower oil-based extraction plants and refineries.

Power Plants

Power plants use steam exclusively for power generation. Our Reaction Turbines provide the lowest specific steam consumption and highest Plant load factor in the industry while providing multiple bleed connections, along with variable load operational flexibility high redundancy, and electronics with maximum mean time between failure (MTBF).

Waste TO Energy

Waste generation is one of the largest problems of the 21st century. IB Turbo has wide experience in municipal, hazardous, medical and plastic waste-to-energy plants. Along with our industry we can provide turnkey plants using the latest anaerobic digestion, drying, sorting and incineration techniques while meeting the latest emission norms.

Dairy Industry

Steam is used in the dairy industry for indirect heating, direct heating, pasteurising, powdering and sterilization processes. Often, a combination of high pressure (19 Bar) and low pressure (4 Bar) steam is required. We have supplied over 40 back pressure turbines with extraction to meet our customer’s requirement.

Rice Industry

Rice Mills uses steam for cooking and drying of paddy to produce steam and parboiled rice. IB Turbo has collaborated with rice plant suppliers to generate 100% power in-house using cogeneration with the help of Back Pressure turbines. Carbon neutral risk husk is a locally generated fuel source. We are the pioneers of cogeneration in the rice industry and have supplied over 250 turbines to the rice industry

Textile Industry

Dyeing and Printing industries are large consumers of steam. Steaming is the operation by which colorants are stably fixed to the fabric. It exploits the action of condensed humidity, combined with the one of the heat to allow that colorants and all the products deposited during printing will spread from the surface layer into the fiber and will become fixed. IB Turbo has supplied over 50 turbines to the textile industry.

Calcium Carbonate

Precipitated calcium carbonate plant use steam for the coking to generate producer gas and for drying of the slurry in rotating drums. Calcium carbonate plants typically require steam at 2-3 Bar(g) pressure, and complete power generation can be undertaken with cogeneration. IB Turbo is the single largest supplier of turbines to the calcium carbonate industry, with over 70% of installations.


Reject biofuels like Paddy straw, mustard straw, sunflower husk, peanut shells, chicken litter and ingesta have emerged as a major environmental hazard due to open field burning. They’re controlled combustion and power generation system resolves the problems of air pollution transportation and rural power generation. IB Turbo’s Induction generator and synchronized turbines have the ability to withstand the variations in fuel quality and Inlet Pressure variation, usually associated with such fuels.

Solar Thermal

Solar thermal plants utilize energy from the sun to heat steam to a high temperature, which is then passed through a condensing turbine. Although this technology is still under development, IB Turbo has provided turbines for research efforts, including those using molten salt based thermal storage mediums and Hybrid power plants.