Steam Turbines in India

We at The IBL group are the second largest Turbine manufacturer in India and we a Manufacture Wind Turbines, Gas Turbines and steam turbines in India

steam turbines in India
steam turbines in India
steam turbines in India


IB Turbo has consistently delivered efficient and reliable steam turbines in India and has supplied 4200 MW of net electricity generating equipment with more than 650 turbines running in over 25 countries. Because of this IB Turbo has earned a strong reputation of being a trusted and respected name in mini power plants in India.

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Our Engineers are designed to meet most international engineering standards and local metrological conditions and so IB Turbo maintains a robust Quality Management System at all our locations. Our quality system is designed to supply engineering excellence, products and solutions that are best in class to meet our customer expectations for steam turbines in India. We aim to achieve continuous improvement in the quality of our products and operations.

INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY Which Powers our Steam Turbines



The Pressure Reducing Turbine generates electricity by by passing of the Pressure Reducing Station

In a conventional Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) system, the Sensible Heat (Temperature) is lost when the Steam Pressure is reduced. But a Pressure Reducing Turbine – PRT converts that energy to Electricity. Being an energy conservation device, no added fuel is required, essentially ensuring that the power is generated free of cost. Because of this, PRT, a back pressure turbine, can generate power with Low Pressure Steam, High Pressure Steam, Saturated Steam, Superheated Steam. PRT the micro turbine is installed in parallel to the Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) or Pressure Reducing Station (PRS) to generate power or to run the direct drive of other devices. It can be used in various industries like Paper Mills, Chemical Plants, Rice Mills, Distilleries, Milk Dairies, Sugar Mills, Dyeing Mills, Solvent extraction plants, Oil Mills, Plywood Industry

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  • Single Stage High Back Pressure Turbine that can be operated at 3000 / 5000 / 6000 rpm.
  • Suitable up to 45 Bar of Inlet Pressure.
  • Designed for High Back Pressure applications up to 10 Bar.
  • Hybrid Labyrinth and Carbon Ring type steam seals.
  •  Can be provided with Hydro-Mechanical or Electronic Governors.
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“ We have installed a ‘Pressure Reducing Turbine’ (PRT) with a capacity of 125 KW in January 2016. We are truly satisfied with the operation and service of the turbine installed at our unit ”

MARICO LTD, Himachal Pradesh, India

” It has been two years since we have installed a RECT-8 Turbine from IB Turbo and we have been very satisfied with the performance and reliability. After installing the Turbine at our Textile plant in Surat, we have reduced our electricity bill by 80%. We are very happy with the Turbine as well as the service team ”


” We are operating 5 MW power plants supplied to IB Turbo for power generation from our process waste. In addition to our in house power requirement, we are also supplying to the national Ukrainian grid. The plant is running successfully since commissioning in 2017. We are happy with the in-person and remote location support provided.”

SUNPRO, Ukraine.

” We setup our first rice processing plant with a 400 KW single stageturbine from IB Turbo, and are now operating a 1200 KW multistageturbine, which is the heart of our plant, located in an electricity starvedcountry. We are happy with the product and are looking to repeat thesame installation for future expansion.”