What is a Reaction Turbine?

A Reaction turbine is a turbine that use the pressure and velocity of moving water to rotate.
A Reaction turbine is placed in water stream where water enters the casing tangentially. After rotating the blades the water axially leaves the casing of the turbine.

Reaction Series

reaction turbine


Best suited for Pulp & Paper Industries


Our Reaction turbine family offers customers with the most efficient heat rate, to meet the requirement of our demanding customers. Proven tilting pad bearings have ensured dependability over the years.

Our disc type controlled extraction system ensures minimum pressure drop for the LP turbine. Despite a higher capital expenditure compared to older offerings, the product has recieved sustained demand, as users have appreciated the superior payback and reliability accorded. The turbine are paired with Water cooled CACW generators from our reputed partners.


High efficiency reaction blades with upto 19 stages mean better efficiency, leading to lower specific steam and fuel consumption .

  • Electronic Speed Control Actuation system with direct electronic output instead of Hydraulic output from converter, results in superior speed and Frequency control.
  • Fly-by-Wire Actuation System Fully electronic Actuation System ensures no springs for turbine control system. available with Black Pressure and Condensing Configuration.
  • Fully automatic turbine startup and shutdown.
  • Controlled extraction of upto 17 Bar(g) permits us to maintain process pressure and power as per requirement.
  • Provision for extraction of steam at upto 3 different pressures.
  • Tilting pad white metal lined bearings for complete high speed train.
  • Sophisticated Vibration Monitoring system.
  • High level of standardisation has ensured that parts are available immediately, reducing turbine downtime.


Frame Parameters

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